It all started in 2015 during a chance meeting between a loss prevention investigations team and a mathematician.

The problem was simple:

“We know there are groups of criminals that are repeatedly striking us, but it is nearly impossible to detect these repeat criminal groups.”

The request was simple:

“How can we use the vast amount of data we have to connect the dots between crimes and uncover these repeat criminals and criminal networks so that we can prosecute them?”

What started out as a simple proof of concept has turned into the most advanced crime-linking software on the planet

Our Philosophy

“We don’t care about providing high-level crime stats or dashboards showing how much crime happened today, and how much more is predicted to happen tomorrow.  We care about providing intelligent end-to-end crime solving solutions that directly take down criminals.  We provide the software that actually drives those numbers down.”



Dean Takacs, Founder

Dean Takacs has a background in applied mathematics, machine learning, optimization, software engineering, and app development.   He has an M.S. in Applied Mathematics with option in Mathematical Finance from Rutgers University and also a B.S. from Rutgers University, where he was part of the Mathematics Honors Track and Rutgers Business School.

Previously, Dean has held several roles in Advanced Analytics and Operations-Finance at Toys’R’Us, Amazon, Avis, and Verizon.  He is credited with building multiple million dollar enterprise-level intelligent software solutions in fraud detection, shipping optimization, warehouse optimization, and vehicle resale optimization.