• Automatic crime linking using proprietary Artificial Intelligence.
  • Instantly detecting groups of incidents committed by the same ORC groups over years and across the entire US.
  • AI-guided case building with the Investigator Tool.


  • Beautiful link visualizations to show the interconnections of all the incidents in a case.
  • User-friendly interface to view and filter on case groupings.
  • Allows the user to save and work on multiple (as many as desired) investigations at the same time.
  • Designed for teams of investigators to work together either at the national or regional levels.


  • Zero hardware or software installation required.
  • Secured and encrypted for your sensitive data.
  • Mobile and tablet friendly.
  • You already have all the data needed in your incident reporting!
  • We also offer a web-based portal for incident reporting, or keep using your own if you prefer.

Proactive Crime Prevention and Apprehension

  • Predicted future crimes of detected suspect(s).
  • Prediction driven location specific “Be on the Lookout For” alerts with suspect description and habits.